“Two volleyball girls have been faithfully coming to my Bible study every week,”

Abbey Reed (Mexico) shares.  “We had a long Christmas break and I thought they would all just be sleeping, playing video games and recovering after a long semester. I was so surprised when the girls started a WhatsApp group called “Bible study”.  At their initiative they wanted to get together over break and study the Bible.  We met four times.  It blessed me to see their excitement about the Word of God.  When the new semester started, the second day of class we were meeting again to study God’s Word and pray together!  I’m hopeful their contagious excited faith will spread to their teammates.”

“I had promised to visit some missionaries serving in my city,”

Cephas & Nguhemen Tushima wrote from Jos, Nigeria. “On the Sunday I was to visit them, I confirmed my coming at 3:00. However, while in church, I seemed to pick up a terrible cold virus. I texted them that I had a bug I didn’t want to share, so I would need to cancel the visit. The interesting thing is by the next morning what seemed like a cold was all gone.

“We found out there was so much violence along the road to their house that people were killed Sunday afternoon between 2:00 and 3:00—the exact time I would have been on the way to their house. I would have been in the middle of the crisis. The sudden cold I seemed to have caught was God’s way of keeping me safe.”

“These past months…have been overwhelmingly amazing!”

Having outgrown their present location, the church in Salta, Argentina, constructed a new auditorium in a new neighborhood, led by church-planters Lucio & Amanda Gallo.

“Starting construction with little resources and the country in economic crisis, God continues to be faithful,” the Gallos wrote. “There were days we had to pay the workers and had no money. Out of nowhere an envelope appeared under the door with the exact amount needed for the day.

“It was also a huge blessing seeing…how so many churches and individuals have been a part of this construction not only in Argentina. We are so excited to see what God has in store for us and His church.”

(Photo of church meeting in new building.)