A creative approach that works in Uganda! 

Aida Kalule recently launched the Bible listening program in the Najjemba community. The gospel is read in different homes.  It has had an impact on many unchurched residents, including Muslims.  Five people have made professions of salvation and two have rededicated their lives to Christ.

(Photo of the Bible reading ministry in Uganda.)


“We had the pleasure of witnessing a river baptism

in a nearby village this past month,” Justin & Rachel Hoy (Senegal) write.  “The woman who was baptized was the first believer to be baptized from her village!

“She gave testimony of how God had been planting seeds in her life over several years, and she finally decided to follow Christ when disciplers began teaching the Tree of Life discipleship course in her village.  Her public profession of faith and baptism shows that she has ‘put on Christ’.”

Photo of her baptism.

Pray for Dennis Shelly

Please pray for Dennis as he has just suffered fractured hip from a fall on the field in Africa.  Pray for his wife Coletta, for treatment decisions, and healing.

 “Repentance is active.” 

Two prominent pastors in western Uganda have been feuding for the past 18 months.  The conflict became so bad that police and lawyers had been called, believers took sides, and fellowship was broken.

Prince Sabena and a visiting pastor from the U.S. held a 3-day conference for 160 pastors, elders, and church leaders in January.  On the fourth day, they met with the two pastors.  They listened for four hours as each shared the confusing and messy account.

After a day to think and pray about it, the two pastors met again.  God used the loving and wise counsel to bring them to godly sorrow and repentance.  They humbled themselves before each other and sought forgiveness from each other.  The one pastor went to all the people in the area, seeking forgiveness for slandering and spreading lies about the other pastor.   He was out until 8 P.M. that night making things right with the Lord and others.

(Prince & Heidi Sabena minister in Uganda.  Photo of the pastor’s conference.)

With the worsening Nigerian economy

many of the 600 students at the ECWA Theological Seminary Kagoro (ETSK) struggle to pay the minimal tuition.  Some are even hungry, Dennis & Coletta Shelly share.  The poor economy adversely affects workers, who in turn can’t support pastors, Christian workers or students like they did last year. The future ministry of these students is also affected.

With this in mind, the Shellys are promoting Skills Acquisition classes.  And it’s catching on!  Students hope to gain hands-on experience in tailoring, sewing, plumbing, welding, raising catfish, poultry and rabbits, computer studies, photography/video production, shoe making, and producing household cleaners and food like cocao mix.

(Photo of larger eggs the Shellys are promoting compared to those of local chickens.)


Reaching Out In Europe

In some countries, just making contacts with unbelievers is a struggle.  One FIM couple in Europe wrote, “When our neighbour was discouraged because his wife was in the hospital, we were able to give a basket of fruit when she got back from the hospital.  He was so moved by the gift that he cried, and started calling us the best neighbour in the world.  Today our friendship continues to grow, and we are praying that they may know Jesus as their Savior.”