“Z” from Afghanistan lost his family

…(an expecting wife and 1½ year old daughter), in the Mediterranean Sea.  He has been very depressed for many months and has been taking medication.  He is now a new believer.  He lost all his family but found a new one in Greece.

Involved in the Iranian mafia, “R” was in prison for many years.  Now, a refugee, he accepted Christ and his life has changed.  He’s trying to bring his wife and son to Europe.

“E” & “I” minister to refugees in Greece.


After ministering to the deaf of Venezuela

for many years, Gailyn Agar continues to produce literature for the hearing-impaired of that country. Unable to make trips there due to the precarious political situation, she continues ministry to the deaf in West Virginia.  Both the deaf and their aid workers who are able to hear are being exposed to the gospel, and some are making professions of faith.