A Young Married Woman in Uganda

It was obvious that the young married woman with two kids had ongoing, unresolved conflict with her husband.  She came every week to the women’s Bible study. Prince & Heidi Sabena (Uganda) invited her to come for counseling.  She did.  But her husband declined the invitation.

Over three months, they noticed a huge change.  At first, she came looking for ways she could influence her husband to change.  But God, through his Word, showed her that she had the wrong view of marriage and had wrong expectations.  As the Lord changed her, she regained her joy and love for her husband, even though her husband has not changed…yet.

Pray for Paul and Michaela Mackey- Appointees to Japan

Please be in prayer for the Mackeys as they raise funds to serve in evangelism, church planting and discipleship in Tokyo.  Pray for new ministry partners and for the people of Japan to follow Christ.

A young Christian, studying for his doctorate in pharmacy

…has been attending weekly Bible studies for about 1½ years in Halle, Germany. He is unable to attend on Sundays because he returns home for weekends. But his comments and prayers during the Bible study provide clear evidence to Craig & Debbie Borgard that his faith is growing in the Lord!

Seeing someone come to Christ and grow in the Lord is exciting!

One of the families who came to kids’ clubs and VBS last year was baptized recently.  Alicia Whitmore (Mexico) is excited that she could be part of their spiritual journey.