Skills Acquisition to Spread the Gospel

The economic hardships in Nigeria adversely affect pastors or missionaries.  Their congregations are unable to support them.  And Christian workers might not have the skills to support themselves and their families.

With this in mind, Dennis & Coletta Shelly at ECWA Theological Seminary, Kagoro, Nigeria have been promoting Skills Acquisition classes.  The over 500 students are able to gain hands-on experience in different skills, such as tailoring, sewing, plumbing, welding, raising catfish, poultry and rabbits, computer studies, photography/video production, shoe making, and producing household cleaners and food like cocoa mix. They now have a brand new two-story Skills Acquisition Center building.

(Photo of ladies in the sewing class.)

Healing a Broken Home

The father is an alcoholic and the mother is a drug addict. The couple has two daughters.  The parents separated when the younger daughter was an infant.  Now, twenty some years later, the daughters are in college.  Lalpi Zou (India), along with his brother, has been counseling the broken family for about two months.  The couple recently got married again…to each other!

The daughters and their mother have not been speaking with each other.  But the powerful Word of God convicted the heart of the daughters.  They put their trust in the Lord and are now learning to love their mom and communicate with her.

(Lalpi & Esther Zou are planting a church in India.)