A Basque Cyclist Hears the Gospel

“A friend in Nevada asked if we could host a young Basque cyclist for a few days when he came to the Boise area,” Sam Snodgrass writes.  “Being a cyclist myself and having enjoyed my friend’s hospitality on a couple of my bike trips in Nevada, we agreed to welcome the young man into our home.

“Several days later, “X” showed-up in our driveway.  Because I had work to get done, I couldn’t spend much time with him on the first day that he was with us. That was not an issue for him, since he had some work to do on his bike and a few people to visit in Boise.  However, I spent the whole second day with him playing pala in the Boise fronton and taking him around to see some of the sights.

“As we had prayed, the Lord opened the door to share the gospel with him.  As in so many other occasions with other Basques, “X” expressed curiosity about our faith in Christ and asked questions.  While I was disappointed that he did not come to faith in Christ, I rejoice in knowing that he has heard the gospel. What’s more, we are friends on Facebook!”

Sam & Joanie Snodgrass minister to Basques and are involved in Scripture translation in the Euskera language.  They reside in Idaho.