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What is it like to live in a country in a financial crisis?

Challenging! Here is a report from FIM missionaries in such a situation. “One must be flexible.  It forces us to look to God to supply all our needs and the needs for the ministry.  Each day we need to choose to look at things joyfully, with prayer and thanksgiving, guarding our hearts and minds in […]

Marcia practiced as a professional astrologer

for eight years. She took astrology classes for over two years and passed the 7-hour exam given by the Atlanta Board of Astrology Examiners. Marcia later was Chairperson of this Board for three years. She was also active in the Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society, serving as president for a year. But Marcia Montenegro (USA) gave […]

He was a Muslim and excellent at

repairing electronic equipment. The FIM missionary in North Africa visited him often and spoke about the Lord. He also taught the children to use the computer and also shared the gospel with them. But because of the Muslim man’s temper and critical attitude, his wife of 20 years divorced him. He left his ex-wife and […]

Hear Dr. Paul Barreca on Point of View Radio!

Radio host Kerby Anderson will interview Paul on Thursday, March 7 from 2-4 PM EST.  Search www.pointofview.net to find a local radio station or listen live on the website.   Paul and Kerby will discuss Current Trends in Missions and the upcoming FIM and Point of View trip to Israel this October. You can find details about this amazing tour of […]

Meet FIM’s General Director at Dallas Theological Seminary

Dr. Paul Barreca will be speaking with students at the World Evangelization Conference this week. This annual conference is student led and gospel centered. FIM helps missionaries to fulfill their call to proclaim the gospel and plant churches around the world. Pray for DTS students as they consider the Lord’s direction for their lives this […]

“Everyone knows that region of Peru is the forbidden passage, the heart of where drug labs and clandestine airstrips have flourished for decades!”

After 20 years, Dave Love and local pastors had evangelized villages along the 300-mile river from Brazil, through Colombia, up to the Peruvian border.  Should they stop there?  One pastor piped up, “I’m from here.  That section of the rain forest is sealed off to outsiders because of what they manufacture; I wouldn’t even go there!” The four […]