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“These past months…have been overwhelmingly amazing!”

Having outgrown their present location, the church in Salta, Argentina, constructed a new auditorium in a new neighborhood, led by church-planters Lucio & Amanda Gallo. “Starting construction with little resources and the country in economic crisis, God continues to be faithful,” the Gallos wrote. “There were days we had to pay the workers and had […]

“Jessie’s stay at the hospital was dragging on into weeks…

Rosie and I started to get to know some of the staff. Housekeepers, technicians, cafeteria servers and cashiers all made up our ever growing group of acquaintances. “Sunday was one of the worst days that I had experienced with Jessie. She had 8 seizures during that day plus signs of agitation, distress and pain. There […]

Rosa* was distressed and in pain with a newly-injured arm.

But the 35-year-old nurse wanted to talk with Arturo & Silvia Tomé (Puebla, Mexico). Through her tears Rosa told them a shocking story. The Tomés had led her to Christ at age 15. After completing her studies, she worked out of town and met a young man whom she planned to marry. But when she […]

Teaching in Brazil

Church planters and pioneer and evangelist missionaries often get the most publicity.  But they are unable to fulfill their ministry without support missionaries who frequently minister behind the scenes. Joao & Hope Rodrigues (with another mission) are seeking to reach the Yanomami Indians of Brazil to the Lord.  But they would be unable to do […]

Bible class in public schools in Brazil…

…is one encouraging part of the ministry of Gilberto (“Giba”) & Helen Filsinger.  In one report, over 200 children are regularly present at one school, over 250 students attend in another school,  and 100 fourth graders made professions of salvation. Giba also pastors a church and teaches in the Bible Institute. (Photo of Filsingers’ Bible […]

Paraisopolis is the slum area of Sao Paulo, Brazil…

…with a population of about 100,000.  This is the area where Itamar Santos is ministering with a church.  The ministry includes teaching life skills to help residents so that they will be able to escape the slum.  Itamar (left) is pictured here with Anderson, one of the young men that he has been discipling.