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Bible class in public schools in Brazil…

…is one encouraging part of the ministry of Gilberto (“Giba”) & Helen Filsinger.  In one report, over 200 children are regularly present at one school, over 250 students attend in another school,  and 100 fourth graders made professions of salvation. Giba also pastors a church and teaches in the Bible Institute. (Photo of Filsingers’ Bible […]

Paraisopolis is the slum area of Sao Paulo, Brazil…

…with a population of about 100,000.  This is the area where Itamar Santos is ministering with a church.  The ministry includes teaching life skills to help residents so that they will be able to escape the slum.  Itamar (left) is pictured here with Anderson, one of the young men that he has been discipling.

Venezuela!  We hear about this country in the news—

—political oppression, rioting, long lines just to buy bread, hunger, inflation rate at one million percent, no medicine, high infant mortality, people fleeing the country.  Guillermo & Marcia Aguilar returned to Venezuela last month to continue ministry with the three churches they have planted.  But Gailyn Agar has been unable to obtain a visa to […]

Radical (youth ministry) keeps growing!

A month prior to the week-long camp, Frank & Rebecca Arellanes (Mexico) had to close registration because they were completely full…210 campers. When the speaker from Peru challenged the youth to give God complete control of their lives, around 30 of them professed faith in Christ and several others expressed interest in biblical training. The […]

“I had no idea what a huge undertaking the establishment of a school

is, especially as I’m still on a full-time staff elsewhere,” Cephas & Nguhemen Tushima (Nigeria) said. In addition to being on the faculty of Jos ECWA Theological Seminary, the Tushimas are nearing completion of the training center construction and are gearing up to start the elementary section of the Hesed Royal Academy. “I hired some […]

The national Christian TV station of a European country…

…was doing a two hour program on the worth and dignity of people. A co-worker of FIM personnel has a younger brother with Down Syndrome and they were asked to appear on the program to talk about their relationship and his worth as a person. She shared how her brother has been a great blessing […]