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Skills Acquisition to Spread the Gospel

The economic hardships in Nigeria adversely affect pastors or missionaries.  Their congregations are unable to support them.  And Christian workers might not have the skills to support themselves and their families. With this in mind, Dennis & Coletta Shelly at ECWA Theological Seminary, Kagoro, Nigeria have been promoting Skills Acquisition classes.  The over 500 students […]

Healing a Broken Home

The father is an alcoholic and the mother is a drug addict. The couple has two daughters.  The parents separated when the younger daughter was an infant.  Now, twenty some years later, the daughters are in college.  Lalpi Zou (India), along with his brother, has been counseling the broken family for about two months.  The […]

Surgery Amid Chaos

Once wealthy Venezuela continues its downward spiral.  The following account by Guillermo & Marcia Aguilar about one of their church leaders depicts the country’s misery. Twenty years of rheumatoid arthritis had taken away much of 42-year-old Ana’s mobility.  Medicine being difficult to find, her pain was severe.  Doctors agreed that she needed her left hip […]

Moms and Kids Hearing the Gospel

One hundred and forty eight kids plus…more than twenty moms!  That was the highest attendance at the children’s outreach by Bryan & Susan Nevin (Mexico).  In addition to making contact with the kids, they were able to share the gospel with some of the mothers.  Although very tired, the Nevins were excited about the good […]

Sharing Christ through Coffee

Japan needs missionaries who are committed to love the Japanese people and build long-term relationships with them.  God has equipped Josiah & Noeru Henderson with their background, personality and culture (Noeru is Japanese) to do just that.  Working alongside other missionaries to plant a church in Takasaki, Japan, the young couple seeks to make contacts, […]

Nursing a Dying Church Back to Health

Following the collapse of the shipbuilding industry, Sunderland, England has been economically depressed.  Yet this city is where immigrants and refugees are given housing.  The population is now very diverse. Like many dying churches in England, a congregation in Sunderland had dwindled to less than 10 elderly members.  But they were eager to work with […]

FIM Missionary Conference in Argentina

Please pray for FIM missionaries in Argentina this week as they receive teaching in Salta from Director Dr. Paul Barreca and Board Member Tony Perez.  Pray for a time of growth in God’s Word and preparation for continuing ministry through the spread of the gospel to the people of Argentina.

A Young Married Woman in Uganda

It was obvious that the young married woman with two kids had ongoing, unresolved conflict with her husband.  She came every week to the women’s Bible study. Prince & Heidi Sabena (Uganda) invited her to come for counseling.  She did.  But her husband declined the invitation. Over three months, they noticed a huge change.  At […]