If you’re looking at this page, you certainly know that the path to becoming a missionary starts with lots of questions. We’re hoping to help answer some of those questions. Not every mission agency is right for each ministry and missionary. Our answers are intended to help you determine if FIM is the right one for you.

What are the educational requirements for becoming an FIM missionary?

FIM’s educational requirements are somewhat situational, but we require a minimum number of hours in bible training in an undergrad setting or equivalent training approved by us. Various ministries may require other types of preparation such as training in biblical counseling, childcare or well drilling.

What is the church’s role in my missionary ministry?

The local church is an important part of a successful ministry. You can learn about how your church will be an important partner in ministry in our Operational Distinctives page.

How can I define my vision?

Defining your vision is an important part of the process of becoming a missionary with FIM. In the Resources section of our website you will find a helpful document called “Tips for Defining Your Vision” if you would like to get a head start.

You will be asked questions that we have designed to stimulate you to think deeply about various aspects and help draw out your thoughts into a more organized package that will help you understand your vision more clearly. Once you’ve completed this we’ll be asking your more questions along the way. When you come to Candidate Orientation you will learn to share that vision with others.

How should I choose a mission agency?

There are many good missionary agencies; how do you find the best fit? Here are some things to look for:

  • Doctrinal agreement (Build your ministry on shared doctrine)
  • Does the Mission focus on your call or on their strategy?
  • Do they work in the country God is calling you to?
  • Do they work with the people group God is calling you to?
  • Do they do the type of ministry God has laid on your heart?
  • Do the Mission’s values fit well with yours?
  • Do you sense integrity and compatibility as you get to know them?
  • Is the agency able to provide the accountability and support you need to succeed?
  • Are you comfortable with their policies and procedures?
  • Can you do exactly what God called you to do with this Mission?
  • Does the “personality” of the agency fit you?
  • Are you comfortable enough with the leadership to share struggles you may be having?

While you can eliminate some agencies quickly if there is not doctrinal agreement or they don’t fit your call, it will take some interaction to get to know others well enough to answer some of these questions. It’s well worth the time spent to find the right agency. If you would like to dig a little deeper into questions to ask about a prospective mission agency, the document How to Choose a Mission Agency helpful.