Getting Started

It all starts with YOUR LOCAL CHURCH… AND YOU.

Have you talked with your church leadership yet about how the Lord is leading you? That’s the crucial starting point. Before you complete our pre-application, please read FIM’s view of the relationship between you, your church and FIM. You will find a link to the pre-application at the bottom of this page.

Your Vision is the Compass for Your Ministry

Has God given you a vision for what could be if you obey His call to ministry? That vision will guide your plan of ministry. We’d be glad to share some tips for defining your vision.

Choosing an Agency

The choice of an agency to partner with you and your church in the pursuit of your vision is an important decision. To help with that, here are some hints on choosing a mission agency.

Steps to the Field with FIM

If God leads you to partner with FIM to fulfill His call to you, this is the process we follow to help you thrive and succeed.

Step 1: Introductions

We’ve tried to introduce ourselves to you through the website. Now it’s your turn to introduce yourself to us. We get to know you through:

  • A “Get Acquainted” Pre-application (link at the bottom of the page)
  • A Full application
  • References
  • Transcripts

Step 2: Relationship & Ministry Building

Get to know us better as we help you work through some logistics for planning your ministry. We’ll discuss it with you and provide tools to prepare for various aspects of successful ministry. This step includes:

  • Researching the country/people God is calling you to
  • Personality and Spiritual gifts evaluation
  • Personal mission statement
  • Ministry Plan
  • Financial Requirements
  • Educational Requirements
  • Language Learning Style
  • Scripture Knowledge

As your ministry preparation sharpens your focus, we’ll invite you to the FIM Home Office to spend a day with the leadership team. We’ll get to know each other better,  and discuss your ministry plan and how FIM can support you in the fulfillment of your ministry vision.

Step 3: Candidate Orientation

After meeting with the leadership team, if you and we believe God is leading us together, you will be invited to Candidate Orientation.  You will be given the medical report form for your physical exam and FIM will do a criminal background check.

Candidate Orientation is a full week spent with the entire leadership team. During this time, we get to know each other even better and become more of a family. We spend the time…

  • encouraging your heart
  • looking at how FIM works (policies & procedures)
  • discussing effective field ministry
  • equipping you for successful support raising

At the end of the orientation week, you meet the Board of Directors and become an FIM missionary appointee.

Step 4: Support Discovery

One of our goals during Orientation is to equip you to jump right into Support Discovery. This is not just a “necessary evil” you must endure; It is a vital part of your ministry in two ways.

  1. The Lord uses the experiences He gives you in Support Discovery to further your preparation for field ministry.
  2. The relationships you build and the people who become part of your ministry team are both a great blessing and a vital part of your ministry success, as well as being blessed by it themselves.

When your ministry is nearly fully funded, you will visit the Home Office again before leaving for the field. During this time we will…

  • do final departure paperwork
  • provide some further training on acculturation, security, etc.
  • rejoice and pray with you

If you’re ready to start step one (our online pre-application) click here.