A Young Married Woman in Uganda

It was obvious that the young married woman with two kids had ongoing, unresolved conflict with her husband.  She came every week to the women’s Bible study. Prince & Heidi Sabena (Uganda) invited her to come for counseling.  She did.  But her husband declined the invitation.

Over three months, they noticed a huge change.  At first, she came looking for ways she could influence her husband to change.  But God, through his Word, showed her that she had the wrong view of marriage and had wrong expectations.  As the Lord changed her, she regained her joy and love for her husband, even though her husband has not changed…yet.

A young Christian, studying for his doctorate in pharmacy

…has been attending weekly Bible studies for about 1½ years in Halle, Germany. He is unable to attend on Sundays because he returns home for weekends. But his comments and prayers during the Bible study provide clear evidence to Craig & Debbie Borgard that his faith is growing in the Lord!

Seeing someone come to Christ and grow in the Lord is exciting!

One of the families who came to kids’ clubs and VBS last year was baptized recently.  Alicia Whitmore (Mexico) is excited that she could be part of their spiritual journey.

“Z” from Afghanistan lost his family

…(an expecting wife and 1½ year old daughter), in the Mediterranean Sea.  He has been very depressed for many months and has been taking medication.  He is now a new believer.  He lost all his family but found a new one in Greece.

Involved in the Iranian mafia, “R” was in prison for many years.  Now, a refugee, he accepted Christ and his life has changed.  He’s trying to bring his wife and son to Europe.

“E” & “I” minister to refugees in Greece.


After ministering to the deaf of Venezuela

for many years, Gailyn Agar continues to produce literature for the hearing-impaired of that country. Unable to make trips there due to the precarious political situation, she continues ministry to the deaf in West Virginia.  Both the deaf and their aid workers who are able to hear are being exposed to the gospel, and some are making professions of faith.

A girl started to cry during chapel

at a Christian school where Skip Kite was teaching.  A teacher removed her from chapel.  They later returned and all seemed fine.

A few weeks later, the same teacher approached Skip.  “I’m so glad to see you.  I want to tell you what happened at chapel.  When I took the girl out, she told me that she had been very bad and needed to be forgiven like Mr. Skip had said.”  The teacher prayed with her as she trusted Christ for salvation.  The teacher related that she couldn’t believe the peace she saw on the girl’s face.  Skip & Rosie Kite (USA) are grateful for the part God allowed them to have in bringing another soul to Christ.

“Our 15 schools have the reputation of accepting all children…

We are proud of that.  So when a student who is deaf came to the second grade class at Amou Oblo, Togo it didn’t phase anyone,” Christy Sopcisak reports. “They loved him from the beginning and wanted to know how to help him learn.  God provided two missionary colleagues who have been able to teach him and his class sign language.

“His teacher appreciated the help.  But she kept asking how we were going to teach him about Jesus.  I was touched by her passion for him to know Jesus personally.  I love that our teachers are concerned with our students’ spiritual lives before academics.

“It made me realize how much the deaf community is an unreached people group.  As we thought about reaching this deaf student with the gospel, we were able to visit a deaf school with 42 students where we showed the Jesus Film with a deaf interpreter.  The students better understood Jesus and His sacrificial death on the cross.”

Photo of Christy with students in one of the 15 Christian grade schools in Togo.

“I don’t want to be a Christian anymore”

 …a young lady who accepted Jesus as her Savior at a winter retreat in Quebec uttered.  Jerad & Wanda Mellette admitted, “I didn’t know how to process that statement.  In all my years of ministry, I’ve never heard that one.”

Her father is an “ex-Christian”, who had grown up in the Catholic church and walked away from the religion.  He thinks the Mellettes have brainwashed his daughter.  Her mother is no less sympathetic and her friends all think she’s nuts.

Jerad & Wanda write, “Please pray for her that she would remain steadfast in her faith.  Pray also for her parents that they would accept Jesus’ gift of salvation.”


“She was selling pastries in the street when

we invited her to the first meeting in the new church building in a new neighborhood,” Lucio & Amanda Gallo (Salta, Argentina) reported.  “She came to the meeting!”  Afterward she shared that she and her husband had moved to this place over 15 years earlier.  Because of the distance, they stopped going to church.  She prayed over 10 years for a church to open near her house.  She was overjoyed to see us and has not missed a single meeting.  She sent her boys and neighbors to our summer camp in January, and also brought her daughter and grandson to the church as well to hear the Gospel. God answered prayer!  Little by little her family  is coming back to God!


A creative approach that works in Uganda! 

Aida Kalule recently launched the Bible listening program in the Najjemba community. The gospel is read in different homes.  It has had an impact on many unchurched residents, including Muslims.  Five people have made professions of salvation and two have rededicated their lives to Christ.

(Photo of the Bible reading ministry in Uganda.)