“We had the pleasure of witnessing a river baptism

in a nearby village this past month,” Justin & Rachel Hoy (Senegal) write.  “The woman who was baptized was the first believer to be baptized from her village!

“She gave testimony of how God had been planting seeds in her life over several years, and she finally decided to follow Christ when disciplers began teaching the Tree of Life discipleship course in her village.  Her public profession of faith and baptism shows that she has ‘put on Christ’.”

Photo of her baptism.

 “Repentance is active.” 

Two prominent pastors in western Uganda have been feuding for the past 18 months.  The conflict became so bad that police and lawyers had been called, believers took sides, and fellowship was broken.

Prince Sabena and a visiting pastor from the U.S. held a 3-day conference for 160 pastors, elders, and church leaders in January.  On the fourth day, they met with the two pastors.  They listened for four hours as each shared the confusing and messy account.

After a day to think and pray about it, the two pastors met again.  God used the loving and wise counsel to bring them to godly sorrow and repentance.  They humbled themselves before each other and sought forgiveness from each other.  The one pastor went to all the people in the area, seeking forgiveness for slandering and spreading lies about the other pastor.   He was out until 8 P.M. that night making things right with the Lord and others.

(Prince & Heidi Sabena minister in Uganda.  Photo of the pastor’s conference.)

With the worsening Nigerian economy

many of the 600 students at the ECWA Theological Seminary Kagoro (ETSK) struggle to pay the minimal tuition.  Some are even hungry, Dennis & Coletta Shelly share.  The poor economy adversely affects workers, who in turn can’t support pastors, Christian workers or students like they did last year. The future ministry of these students is also affected.

With this in mind, the Shellys are promoting Skills Acquisition classes.  And it’s catching on!  Students hope to gain hands-on experience in tailoring, sewing, plumbing, welding, raising catfish, poultry and rabbits, computer studies, photography/video production, shoe making, and producing household cleaners and food like cocao mix.

(Photo of larger eggs the Shellys are promoting compared to those of local chickens.)


Reaching Out In Europe

In some countries, just making contacts with unbelievers is a struggle.  One FIM couple in Europe wrote, “When our neighbour was discouraged because his wife was in the hospital, we were able to give a basket of fruit when she got back from the hospital.  He was so moved by the gift that he cried, and started calling us the best neighbour in the world.  Today our friendship continues to grow, and we are praying that they may know Jesus as their Savior.”

“On Halloween we had a Bible study about life after death…

A long discussion about ghosts and evil spirits followed,” Rodemar & Liz Condado (Philippines) relayed.  “A neighbor lady told us of a time where she believed she saw a ghost.  We looked at Scriptures about heaven and hell.  As she read them for herself, she concluded that there are only two places where we can go after we die.

“She has shared on many occasions how the Bible is changing her beliefs and her actions.  Her husband commented recently that she is a nicer person and that they are happy they heard the gospel.  They look forward to our Bible studies because they are excited to learn more about God.”

What is it like to live in a country in a financial crisis?

Challenging! Here is a report from FIM missionaries in such a situation.

“One must be flexible.  It forces us to look to God to supply all our needs and the needs for the ministry.  Each day we need to choose to look at things joyfully, with prayer and thanksgiving, guarding our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus, looking for whatever is praiseworthy (Philippians 4:4-8).  Yes, we were without electric for about 12 hours a day for several days. The water was only off for about a day in our area and then slowly returned. The phone lines and internet in our area are still out.  But we can go to a co-worker’s house and use their internet service or use a hot spot.

“We have been diligently keeping a supply of food for emergency purposes.  Buying is a challenge since the prices change almost daily and it is increasingly difficult to get the local currency.   Cash sells for twice its worth.  But to buy with cash is usually much cheaper since the people can sell the cash.

“The lines in the banks are usually very long and you can only take out a specified amount of cash, like 5,000.  A package of rice or ¾ pound of hamburger costs about that amount.  So, you spend all morning in line at the bank to take out enough cash for one package of rice.  Weekly we see God supply what is needed and He of course also blesses with extras.  Last Monday we had water, electricity and the garbage truck came by also!!!  It was a WOOHOO DAY!!  (Garbage service is sporadic, maybe monthly).

“Please pray with us for spiritual revival.  That is the only eternal solution to all the problems.  We are grateful that the LORD has allowed us to be here during this time.  A neighbor  said to me the other day that our choosing to live here, gives her hope.  May she soon accept Jesus as her Savior and have eternal hope.”

Please pray for the missionaries and our brothers and sisters in Christ in these very difficult circumstances, that people may come to know Jesus Christ.


“‘R’ came to Christ and he and his family have been coming to church

for 2½ years.  It has been a blessing to watch them grow, while dealing with health challenges as well as their past,” Tim & Barbara-Lee Glessner report from Puebla, Mexico.  “‘R’ and his son-in-law have been teaching the Bible four days each week at a local drug rehabilitation center.  It’s so neat to see and hear how they are serving the Lord.”


Marcia practiced as a professional astrologer

for eight years. She took astrology classes for over two years and passed the 7-hour exam given by the Atlanta Board of Astrology Examiners. Marcia later was Chairperson of this Board for three years. She was also active in the Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society, serving as president for a year.

But Marcia Montenegro (USA) gave it all up when she met Jesus Christ.  She now has a ministry warning of the dangers of astrology, the occult, eastern religions, etc.: Christian Answers for the New Age.  There are many helpful articles on her website:  http://www.christiananswersforthenewage.org/.  She is frequently interviewed on radio, speaks in different venues, and is available for speaking engagements.

After a recent Skype session with moms and their high school daughters, Marcia received the following email: “It was wonderful! I received such great feedback.  Everyone learned so much. It’s one thing to read about someone’s world view out of a book and a completely different thing to experience it through the eyes of someone who actually lived it.”

“A young lady, Lucia*, in her mid-twenties came to church recently,”

Jeff & Sheny Walker (Mexico) write. “For my birthday, we had a dinner at our home for church folks. Lucia came. She invited three of her co-workers from a government school camp program. While talking about social problems affecting the school kids, we shared how Christ in the home makes such a big difference. Other believers shared their personal testimonies and helped explain the gospel. They all were very open and Lucia was saved.

“We have been discipling Lucia. She has been very eager to study the Bible and showed a lot of desire to serve the Lord. We encouraged Lucia to study formally in a Bible institute pro-gram. She started January 7!”

* Lucia is not her real name.

He was a Muslim and excellent at

repairing electronic equipment. The FIM missionary in North Africa visited him often and spoke about the Lord. He also taught the children to use the computer and also shared the gospel with them.

But because of the Muslim man’s temper and critical attitude, his wife of 20 years divorced him. He left his ex-wife and six children. From time to time they asked the missionary for help. Recently the 17-year-old daughter announced that the family was leaving. But she was sure that God would make a place for the missionary in Paradise because of what he had done for them. Again the missionary had opportunity to share that Jesus died to open up Paradise to those who trust in Him. He continues to pray for their salvation.