Having been a professional astrologer and teacher of astrology,

Marcia Montenegro uses her pre-Christian past along with her thorough knowledge and research to minister to people needing a biblical perspective about the New Age, occult or other religions. Marcia frequently speaks at conferences and it often a radio guest. The following is an account of a seminar:

“I was excited to see the auditorium at Geneseo University in Geneseo, NY fill with a good crowd, especially since it was the middle of finals. I was told that this was about three times the number of people who come to such events, but this talk was publicized and open to the public.

I gave my testimony and discussed the New Age and its mainstreaming as I did so, then took questions. There were quite a few. The talk and questions lasted for about two hours. Afterwards, I stayed about another hour-and-a-half to answer questions.

One student came up to me saying that he was “half-Buddhist and half-Christian”. He wrote down Scripture passages that I showed him. Another student couldn’t understand why spirit contact is wrong. I discussed why God forbids spirit contact and showed her Colossians 1:13-14, telling her that there is a domain of darkness and a kingdom of light (only with Jesus Christ) and that everyone was in one or the other. One Christian student believed in reincarnation and wanted to know if his attempt to fit it in with Christianity would be acceptable. I also spent time talking to and praying with a new believer going into a field where she may encounter New Age.

The interest was very keen and it seems a lot of students have questions about this area. Several non-student adults also came up to encourage me about what I had shared.”

Marcia Montenegro’s website (www.christiananswersforthenewage.org) provides a wealth of information and her Facebook gives the opportunity to interact with questions.


What is ministry like in the Sahara desert?

What is ministry like in the Sahara desert?  FIM missionary Steve shared that recently it has been a “renewed lesson that God’s stops are part of His plan. Because of electrical power cuts, it seemed that most of our ‘work’ revolves around just surviving. The 111°F heat in this part of Africa is exhausting. We try to keep wet clothes on the fridge and freezer. We are busy starting, stopping, refueling, and fixing the generator…disconnecting and reconnecting between the generator and the mains. When the current comes back on—even in the middle of the night—we do ironing, use the washing machine or connect rechargeable electronics. We douse ourselves with water in the intense heat, making sure to drink enough. Sometimes the wisest course of action is to just sleep until the power comes back. The Lord has given grace through it all, enabling me to keep up with the sermons and Bible studies.”

Pray for FIM Board of Directors

Please pray for these faithful ones who serve on the Board of Directors:  Larry and Kim Crabtree, Dave and Deborah Dilworth, Dave and Mary Klase, Chris and Emily Lofquist.

We see the Lord working in this young man’s life…

Craig & Debbie Borgard (Germany) write, “We met “P” a couple of years ago. He is a student in Halle studying government and political science. He plans to continue working on his masters at Halle. But we see the Lord working in this young man’s life.

“Last year, when we began thinking who we could offer the Fundamentals of the Faith discipleship course to, we asked “P”. Without having to think about it, he immediately said ‘yes’. Over this past year, he has enthusiastically taken part in doing all the work for the course.

“P” also accompanied us last year on the short-term mission trip to Romania. He’s told us that earning a lot of money is not his goal in life, and he demonstrated that when he registered for the two year course on homiletics. He is participating in the home Bible study group in our apartment. It is encouraging to watch the Lord strengthen a young man’s life through His Word.” (Photo of “P” in Romania.)

2015-08-07 - Borgard

Having been warned that they might be turned away…

if they visited one village on the banks of the Amazon River in Colombia, Dave & Denise Love stopped anyway with their team. It was a strong religious community, closed to the gospel. When they arrived two men came down to the river and asked who they were and why we had stopped at their village. They were surprised when the men nodded and said, “Ok, you can visit whoever you like.”

That was last year. Since then, local believers have been able to continue to minister in this village. Three people have trusted Christ as Savior!

July 13, Dave and his team were invited to return to the village. They asked the village leaders if they could hold services for the youth, children and the adults. The leaders agreed!   Fifty adults showed up for the last meeting—half the village! When the invitation was given to accept Christ as their Savior, all 50 stood. The team was so surprised. They have never seen anything like this. The Lord moved in a powerful way. It was like together they all agreed to follow Jesus!

Photos of a dying village grandmother, cared for by her granddaughter. The team was asked to pray for the woman—a difficult moment, knowing she was passing into a Christ-less eternity.

2015-08-07 - Love

“Boldness is a word that scares me….

I know that when God calls me to be bold there are challenges, hardships, and the unknown ahead,” writes FIM missionary Diana Chinn.  “It was difficult for the local church and I to try something new in a small Polish town. Many towns reject the idea of having an evangelical outreach. We feared being rejected by the community and losing the contacts that we already had. We prayed for the town of Czersk to be open to having an Evangelical Basketball Camp. God answered prayer and blessed immensely.

We successfully held the first camp last year and we organized the second one this year with a team from Torchbearers International Bible School, Sweden. They led the basketball camp, helped with the local gym outreach ministries, and played pick-up basketball games in the evenings. The team’s schedule was very full—starting at 7:45 A.M. and ending around 10:00 P.M.

The youth learn ball handling, shooting, passing, offense, defense, and much more. At the Bible reading station, the youth heard from God’s Word about sin, the need of a Savior, salvation through Christ alone, and what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. At the end of each day, a team member gave a testimony, showing that being a follower of Jesus Christ is something personal and a daily way of life. Each day 80 plus kids heard God’s Word, many of them for the first time!

The team of basketball players did an amazing job of loving the youth, parents, and whoever else came into their paths. Local people indicate that they saw a difference in the team and they wonder what that difference was. This provides a great opportunity for us local believers to share our faith.  Each youth Bible meeting has grown. New believers are attending three different Bible groups!  It is also a joy to see the local believers reach out to their friends who attended the basketball camp, answering many questions, sharing their faith.  Our prayer now is that we, as believers will continue to be bold for Christ as we live and serve in our communities.”

2015-07-31 - Chinn



“One of our middle school students accepted Christ during

our soccer camp last July,” writes Christy Sopcisak, involved in teaching and training in Togo. For two years he had been afraid to make the decision because his father is a Muslim. But he finally decided that he couldn’t wait any longer.

After he accepted Christ, he was all smiles and a new person. However, we kept things quiet because he was still afraid of his father. A few weeks ago, the school director asked the class if they were all Christians. Some students said that some were Muslim and they pointed to this boy. The boy quickly said, “No, I am now a Christian.” It was the first time that he had made his profession public knowledge. God is working in this young man’s life.”

In another case, a Muslim student trusted in Christ for salvation. Even though her parents still make her go to the mosque, she will only pray to Jesus during her time there. Her mother tore up her Bible that her teacher had given to her. None of that has deterred her from growing in Christ and leading devotions in class.

Photo of Christy Sopcisak with one of the teachers and her students.

2015-07-24 - Sopcisak

S. had tried to take his life several times…

but he came to the Crossroads Refugee Center, a ministry that the Sioukiouroglous have developed in the last two years, and prayed for salvation.  Efthemes & Eirini Sioukiouroglou (Greece) have known “S’s” uncle for over eight years, but lost contact with him five years ago. Recently, however, their paths crossed again. In addition, they met “S”, his nephew. Since coming to salvation through the ministry at Crossroads, “S” wants to be baptized.

Another refugee, “A”, is from “Palestine”. He is homeless and sleeps at the Athens subway station at night. The Sioukiouroglous bought gloves, scarves, caps, phone cards, etc. for him. As a result of God working through their love, he accepted Jesus in his heart.   Now “A” frequently comes to the Crossroads Refugee Center.


Arthur Johns- With the Lord

Dear FIM Family, Arthur Johns went into the presence of the Lord on Saturday evening the 11th of July at 7:30pm.   Praise that all of the family were able to see him one last time in June.    There will be a memorial service in late July or early August.   We know that Arthur is in a better place as he has gone to be with the Lord where He promises that at the end of time ‘there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain.’ Revelation 21:4

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers at this time.  Notes of condolence can be sent to Mrs. Barbara Johns, 3/8 Brodribb Street, Toowoomba 4350, Queensland, Australia; email abjohns@aanet.com.au


The doors are open…

…wide open!  A public school in Atibaia, Brazil opened their doors for the sports ministry of Daniel & Babi Stephan to share the Gospel with 600 grade school students on a weekly basis!

On June 29, assisted by a team from Calvary Baptist Church in Pennsylvania, 586 children, ages 6-10, came to the sports complex to participate in a day camp.  The kids loved it. Many of the children responded to the Gospel presentation.

This was the Stephan’s first activity with the public school. The Stephans are planning to propose to the school that they send some of those kids to the sports complex as an after school program.  More open doors to share the Gospel!

2015-07-10 - Stephan