Hear Dr. Paul Barreca on Point of View Radio!

Radio host Kerby Anderson will interview Paul on Thursday, March 7 from 2-4 PM EST.  Search www.pointofview.net to find a local radio station or listen live on the website.   Paul and Kerby will discuss Current Trends in Missions and the upcoming FIM and Point of View trip to Israel this October. You can find details about this amazing tour of Israel and an option to visit Rome.

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Meet FIM’s General Director at Dallas Theological Seminary

Dr. Paul Barreca will be speaking with students at the World Evangelization Conference this week. This annual conference is student led and gospel centered. FIM helps missionaries to fulfill their call to proclaim the gospel and plant churches around the world. Pray for DTS students as they consider the Lord’s direction for their lives this week!


“Everyone knows that region of Peru is the forbidden passage, the heart of where drug labs and clandestine airstrips have flourished for decades!”

After 20 years, Dave Love and local pastors had evangelized villages along the 300-mile river from Brazil, through Colombia, up to the Peruvian border.  Should they stop there?  One pastor piped up, “I’m from here.  That section of the rain forest is sealed off to outsiders because of what they manufacture; I wouldn’t even go there!” The four team members discussed it and agreed to proceed and trust God for their protection.

The boat sped along, passing the “Bienvenidos a Peru” sign, into the no-fly zone, where the law rested in the hands of extremely powerful and affluent men.  A village came into view.  What type of reception would they receive?

Dave wrote, “I climbed onto the bow of the boat and put my hands up in the air so they clearly saw that we were not armed.  ‘We are evangelical missionaries coming in peace.  We want to share with you about the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word.’    ‘Come with us,’ one of the men ordered.

“As the villagers led us into the jungle, I thought, ‘This can go one of two ways.’  They took us to a large wooden structure, and the men gathered around us.  I still couldn’t discern if this was going to be a friendly contact.  We assured them that we traveled from the Colombian side in order to bring them Good News. The spokesman moved closer to me like he had something important to say. ‘I have lived here all my life and this is the first time that a Pastor has come to this area to visit us.’  I breathed a sigh of relief.  ‘Wait here, Pastor.  We are going to call the entire village so they can  listen to what you have to say.’

“When the crowd gathered, I asked, ‘Has anyone heard the story of the Good Shepherd?’  A younger man answered, ‘No, we haven’t heard of the Good Shepherd.’  ‘Have you ever heard of Psalm 23?’  ‘No, we have never heard Psalm 23.’  With a smile I pulled out my Spanish Bible and thought to myself, ‘Today is the day you are going to hear all about the Good Shepherd!’

“I was able to speak to the village for a good while and answer some of their questions about God and the Bible.  When I finished, the influential men in the village surprised us by requesting that we return and spend a few days in the area to teach them, and to also have activities with the children!”

(Dave & Denise Love, former missionaries to Colombia, now minister to Hispanic students in Texas.  Photo of Dave talking with village men.)


“Will God accept me if I’m a pan-sexual?” the 12-year-old girl asked

Jerad Mellette (Montreal, Canada) as he spoke at a recent youth rally.  She was one of 16 who accepted Christ as Savior!  Jerad & Wanda add, “This is just one of many questions that we get asked on a regular basis as we seek to speak God’s truth into young lives that have been so devastated by the lies of the enemy.”

Greece Team Trip to Minister to Refugees

At the Crossroads Refugee Center in Athens Greece, each week hundreds of refugees are given food, clothing, and friendship. They also hear the life changing message of the Gospel. Many are trusting in Christ as their Savior. Their lives are still in disarray and their existence is transitory, but they have a hunger to know more about their Lord and His Word, the Bible. In March the plan is for a team of eight Christians from the US and Europe to take 35 new believers on a 3-day retreat that will provide them with a safe place to sleep, 3 hot meals a day, Christian fellowship, and 9 Bible classes focusing on helping them grow in their walk with Christ. The team is providing their own funding, but the cost for each refugee guest will be $125 per person.  If you would like to help with this event, please send your gift to FIM with the notation “Greece Refugee Retreat” or give online via the link:

Give to Greece Refugee Retreat



“Two volleyball girls have been faithfully coming to my Bible study every week,”

Abbey Reed (Mexico) shares.  “We had a long Christmas break and I thought they would all just be sleeping, playing video games and recovering after a long semester. I was so surprised when the girls started a WhatsApp group called “Bible study”.  At their initiative they wanted to get together over break and study the Bible.  We met four times.  It blessed me to see their excitement about the Word of God.  When the new semester started, the second day of class we were meeting again to study God’s Word and pray together!  I’m hopeful their contagious excited faith will spread to their teammates.”

“I had promised to visit some missionaries serving in my city,”

Cephas & Nguhemen Tushima wrote from Jos, Nigeria. “On the Sunday I was to visit them, I confirmed my coming at 3:00. However, while in church, I seemed to pick up a terrible cold virus. I texted them that I had a bug I didn’t want to share, so I would need to cancel the visit. The interesting thing is by the next morning what seemed like a cold was all gone.

“We found out there was so much violence along the road to their house that people were killed Sunday afternoon between 2:00 and 3:00—the exact time I would have been on the way to their house. I would have been in the middle of the crisis. The sudden cold I seemed to have caught was God’s way of keeping me safe.”

“These past months…have been overwhelmingly amazing!”

Having outgrown their present location, the church in Salta, Argentina, constructed a new auditorium in a new neighborhood, led by church-planters Lucio & Amanda Gallo.

“Starting construction with little resources and the country in economic crisis, God continues to be faithful,” the Gallos wrote. “There were days we had to pay the workers and had no money. Out of nowhere an envelope appeared under the door with the exact amount needed for the day.

“It was also a huge blessing seeing…how so many churches and individuals have been a part of this construction not only in Argentina. We are so excited to see what God has in store for us and His church.”

(Photo of church meeting in new building.)

“Jessie’s stay at the hospital was dragging on into weeks…

Rosie and I started to get to know some of the staff. Housekeepers, technicians, cafeteria servers and cashiers all made up our ever growing group of acquaintances.

“Sunday was one of the worst days that I had experienced with Jessie. She had 8 seizures during that day plus signs of agitation, distress and pain. There was nothing I could humanly do about it. Talk about an exhausting day…

“When Jessie finally calmed down and fell asleep for a bit, I left the room to visit the cafetería. After all, it was close to dinner time. In fact it was almost too late as the cafeteria closed at 6:30 and I got off the elevator at 6:29. The doors were closing as I was walking up. As the cashier added up my order, she commented, “I’ve seen you quite a few times.”

“I told her about Jessie. After finishing, with a tear in her eye she said, “I’ll pray for you.” Normally I have the sensitivity of a brick and would have just said “thank you” paid for my food and sauntered away. However, this time I asked her if she is a Christian. Her response was telling. She wasn’t sure. There we stood at her cash register for the next 20 minutes as I answered many of her questions. This couldn’t have happened if I had gotten there any earlier. We agreed to meet again the next day. After another hour or so of sharing the gospel she prayed to receive Christ as her Savior.

“That Sunday seemed to be a turning point in Jessie’s recovery though we would spend another three weeks at the hospital. Rosie and I were able to give ‘the cafetería lady’ a Bible and encourage her in those days to follow. We discovered that Rosie had already established a friendship with her.”

(Skip & Rosie Kite’s daughter, Jessie, has Rett Syndrome. They have a children’s ministry in the USA.)

Rosa* was distressed and in pain with a newly-injured arm.

But the 35-year-old nurse wanted to talk with Arturo & Silvia Tomé (Puebla, Mexico).

Through her tears Rosa told them a shocking story. The Tomés had led her to Christ at age 15. After completing her studies, she worked out of town and met a young man whom she planned to marry. But when she got pregnant he disappeared. She had a miscarriage. She returned to Puebla, lived a Christian life, but kept that “skeleton in her closet” a secret.

Six years ago one of Rosa’s sisters somehow discovered her secret. The sister demanded money from Rosa or she would expose her. She forced Rosa to finance the construction of the second floor of her house with the extorted money. She stole every penny Rosa earned, sold all Rosa’s furniture, and financed her own vacation with Rosa’s money. One day she demanded more money. Since Rosa did not have it, the sister beat her and fractured her arm.

After receiving medical treatment, Rosa revealed her secret to her two brothers, both deacons in a church led by the Tomés. The surprised brothers wept and confronted the sister. Rosa told the church everything. With new freedom, the fracture is healing and Rosa is spiritually restored.

*Not her real name.