Christmas in a brothel…

Mindy Boyd writes, “I had an unusual opportunity to go into a brothel and sing Christmas songs for the women.  Prostitution is legal in Germany.  A couple of young women from our church have begun a ministry called Adamastos Hope for the purpose of making contact with the women in these brothels in order to build relationships them and let them know that they are valuable and loved.  They wanted to do something special for them for Christmas and asked if I would be willing to go along and sing some songs.

“It was an experience that impacted me in ways for which I wasn’t prepared and had a effect even in the days following.  The evil and darkness in that place was almost palpable, and it just made me so proud of my friends, who go regularly and boldly into that darkness with the light of the love of Christ for those women.”

Mindy ministered in a different brothel as well before Christmas.  She asks for prayer for Franzi and Uli and their ministry, Adamastos Hope.  (Photo of Mindy Boyd singing.)