Leadership training often begins in childhood!

Julie Walker writes, “In 2013, I met Marta in a park. She and her siblings came consistently to the kids club, church, and camps. A year later, we hosted the kids club at her mom’s house.  Marta and her siblings invited their friends to attend.

“Two-and-a-half years later, we began Club Dorcas, just a couple blocks from Marta’s house. Marta comes consistently and is on fire for our Lord! In April she was baptized and is excited about sharing her faith with her friends.  This last year, she blossomed both socially but more importantly, spiritually. She graduates from elementary school (6th grade) this summer and wants to continue her schooling (something not too common for this neighborhood) and to eventually study at a Bible school.”

Recently while Julie was absent, 12-year-old Marta helped lead the kid’s club!

Photo of Julie and the children‘s Club.