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We’re passionate about helping you fuse your vision with God’s passion for sharing the gospel with the people of the world. You can see our passion reflected in our mission & vision, our structure, our core values and in every way we operate.

  • Why We Exist
    What do we mean when we say “Fuse Your Vision with God’s Passion”? Check out our Mission & Vision. This will help you to understand how being a part of Fellowship International Mission will accelerate the call of God on your life, putting you on the path to exalting God in your field.
  • What We Believe
    Participation in the Great Commission is a result of and is impacted by what you believe about God. Our Doctrine and Current Issues pages will help you learn what is important to the FIM family.
  • How We Operate
    If you visit our Home Office, you’re certain to hear the phrase “Flexibility with Integrity and Accountability”. These key concepts describe how we facilitate our passion for the Great Commission through a great diversity of ministries. You can learn more by reading our Operational Distinctives.

We’ve shared a lot about us, but we’d like to learn more about you, your church and what God has called you to do. If you are called to be a cross-cultural missionary and think we may be a good fit, please take some time to head over to our Getting Started page to learn a bit more and fill out our Pre-Application. Contact Gary Butler to discuss how this works in greater detail.

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Phone: (610) 435-9099

Email: gbutler@fim.org

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