Core Values

FIM’s Core Values reflect our highest priorities, our non-negotiables. These are the values that form the culture of FIM, permeate and drive the entire FIM family, and dominate our decision-making.

Sound Doctrine – Absolute truth matters. A shared understanding of biblical truth forms the platform from which effective harmonious ministry is launched and maintained.

  • We submit to the authority of the Scriptures in our personal lives, interpersonal relationships, and as a mission
  • We annually reaffirm our commitment to the FIM Doctrinal Statement
  • We establish churches that are compatible with the FIM Doctrinal Statement
  • We partner with local churches and field ministries whose doctrinal position is compatible with the FIM Doctrinal Statement

Local Church – The local church stands responsible to identify, cultivate, launch, and hold accountable those whom God calls from their number.

  • We see our role as assisting local churches to fulfill their missionary vision
  • We value the Key Accountability Partner Church as an integral partner in holding missionaries accountable
  • We partner with biblically sound local churches on the field
  • We plant indigenous, self-supporting, reproducing local churches

The Great Commission – The good news of salvation should be shared with all people in order to create disciples globally.

  • We insist that the entire FIM ministry family must be involved in fulfilling The Great Commission irrespective of their calling,
  • We seek to share the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ with the lost wherever they may be found
  • We strive to form and equip mature disciples of Jesus Christ

Call of God – God issues an unmistakable call to those He intends to serve Him as leaders in the effort to evangelize lost people and to equip believers.

  • We insist that each missionary candidate have an unmistakable call to ministry from God, attested to by their local church
  • We require a well-thought-out Ministry Plan detailing the missionary’s vision, ministry strategies, goals, and action steps
  • We facilitate the call of the individual rather than require the individual to fit our vision

Imperative of Prayer – Prayer is indispensible to effective ministry.

  • We recognize our dependence on Almighty God
  • We seek to promote a culture of prayer within the entire FIM family
  • We resolve to impact the world for Christ—specifically FIM-related ministries—through intercession

Integrity – Godly lives are essential to the effective communication of God’s Word.

  • We expect of the entire FIM family lives that harmonize with godliness and biblical standards, including the use of time, finances, and resources
  • We seek candidates who hold to high standards and whose lives attest to that
  • We hold to high legal, financial, and ethical standards in the FIM Home Office

Healthy Relationships – Loving relationships give rise to community that encourages healthful spiritual formation and provides a context for ministry.

  • We recognize that all effective ministry flows from a vital relationship with God
  • We realize that although there are different forms of ministry, personal relationships are key to evangelism and discipleship
  • We provide a flexible ministry context that values the individual, expects integrity, and acknowledges the need we all have for accountability
  • We strive to have a close relationship between the Home Office and the on-field missionaries

Good Stewardship – God expects His people to use the resources of time, money, abilities, and spiritual gifts to the best possible advantage in their pursuit of excellence in ministry.

  • We use the resources of time, money, abilities, and spiritual gifts to the best possible advantage in our pursuit of excellence in ministry
  • We evaluate field ministries and Home Office operations with a view to making the best use of the available resources
  • We implement technology to be more efficient and effective in our ministry