FIM Missionary Serving in Africa

“You guys do a great job in answering my questions and responding quickly.”


Marvin Newell

Sr. Vice President, Missio Nexus

“What I see as strategic that sets FIM apart from other missions is their priority to work with a prospective missionary on facilitating their personal calling. They listen closely to those that come to them and then help them discover the right fit. The home office leadership team strives in every way to make that missionary successful, and since many of them have served overseas themselves, they know how best to do that.”


FIM Missionary Serving in Africa

“Many thanks to you all. You are such a great team. I’ve already received a letter from (an administrator at the FIM Home Office) and it is very good. I will proceed to my field of service today happily.” 


FIM Missionary Serving in Europe

“I always appreciate you guys for checking in on me once in a while and for your support and prayers.  I can’t think of any way that you could be more effective.  THANK YOU.”


Donald H. Lough, Jr., Director

Word of Life Fellowship, Inc.

“It is a high privilege to have Fellowship International Mission on our campus every year challenging and mobilizing our students to reach this world for Jesus Christ.”


FIM Missionary Serving in South America

“Thanks for your prayers, and support.  We feel your affection towards us.”


Phil Powers, Senior Pastor

Forcey Memorial Church in Silver Spring, MD

“We love the relationship that FIM forms with us as a sending church. We’ve been able to send missionaries into unique ministries in difficult parts of the world, and are confident that FIM will partner with us to make the call of God a reality.

Whenever an issue arises with an FIM missionary of ours, we know that we will be consulted, and that our input will be a valued part of the decision process. Rather than pressuring a missionary to fit a pre-established organizational model, FIM is actively part of the process of encouraging and supporting missionaries in the fulfillment of God’s call to service in all of its grand diversity.”


FIM Missionary Serving in South America

“R___ and I will return to Jersey today. We just met yesterday with our leadership team here in Allentown, PA to evaluate the last four years and plan the next four. We are grateful for a supportive and caring team behind us. The emails and phone calls during our stressful times have been such an encouragement. Member Care is not just a byline. It is at the heart and soul of Fellowship International Mission. Thanks, guys.”


Brad Lapiska, Senior Pastor

Engleside Baptist Church in Alexandria, VA

“Missions today demands much of missionaries and those who support them. The mission board is vital to a missionary’s success and FIM has been tried and true in its support. I have witnessed FIM’s leadership team demonstrate strategic vision, wisdom in trial, and compassion with people as they seek to facilitate world-wide efforts to further the cause of Christ. They help missionaries develop a focused effort on the field while giving them freedom to adapt their methods to the culture. As a pastor, partnering with FIM in supporting our missionaries has been a great experience.”


FIM Missionary Serving in Europe

“As we reflect on the 10 years here, we are impressed anew with the awesome and mighty God we serve and the choice team (FIM) that we serve with. To say that we know we couldn’t be here without you is an understatement. We know every day that we are dependent on your support and prayers. We are a team together called by the Lord and we could not do this alone.

When we think about all you have done for us, your friendship and generosity, both when we’ve been with you and when we were apart from you; we are extremely thankful to you, but even more to God who has worked such kindness through you.”