Mexico Update from Glessner Family- Prayer Requests

The Glessners, who are safe and well in Puebla, have given the following update:

At 1:14 PM (Central) on 19 Sep there was a 7.1 magnitude quake about 35-50 miles from the city of Puebla.  In the city of Puebla 7 people are dead, in the state over 40, and in the region the last count of deaths is at 225.

Please pray for:

  1. Pray for the immediate well-being and safety for victims and rescuers.
  2. Pray for comfort and consolation of the bereaved.
  3. Pray for the government to be effective and act with integrity.
  4. Above all and with all of the above, pray for the Church to be the Church, to serve and love and live and preach the Gospel throughout the affected areas.
  5. Pray for the Glessners and Pueblo de Esperanza Church specifically that we would have the opportunity and strength and wisdom to do that.