Missionary children can have a huge impact for the Gospel!

Gabriel, 14-year-old son of Jared & Wanda Mellette (Quebec), went to math class early.  Five classmates were already there.  One girl started the conversation, “Okay, I want to talk about the Bible.  I’ll tell you what I believe and then I want to hear what you believe.”   She said that her family stopped practicing Catholicism after a death of a relative.  An atheist girl also chimed in.  Gabriel prayed silently for wisdom as the two girls spoke.

He told the girls that God created the universe and free will. Adam and Eve’s sin brought consequences into the world.  He shared the Gospel and remembered Ephesians 2:8-9 from the youth group meeting.

They asked Gabriel his opinion about homosexuality.  He told him about a Christian guy at their church who struggles with same-sex-attraction.  “We don’t call him a ‘Gay Christian’ just like I don’t call a Christian who lies a ‘Liar Christian’.” I love people the same, no matter what sin they struggle with.  God looks at all sin the same.

The atheist girl said she wants scientific proof that God is real.  Gabriel invited them to the Bible study that Jerad leads at the high school.

The girls came, as did three other girls!  Jerad reported that they had an awesome conversation.  They asked some real probing questions and watched a science-based video about creation and the universe.  Jerad gave them gospels of John.  Most of the girls said they would be back the following week!

(Photo of Mellette family with teens.  Jerad on the left and Gabriel is third from left.)