“Our 15 schools have the reputation of accepting all children…

We are proud of that.  So when a student who is deaf came to the second grade class at Amou Oblo, Togo it didn’t phase anyone,” Christy Sopcisak reports. “They loved him from the beginning and wanted to know how to help him learn.  God provided two missionary colleagues who have been able to teach him and his class sign language.

“His teacher appreciated the help.  But she kept asking how we were going to teach him about Jesus.  I was touched by her passion for him to know Jesus personally.  I love that our teachers are concerned with our students’ spiritual lives before academics.

“It made me realize how much the deaf community is an unreached people group.  As we thought about reaching this deaf student with the gospel, we were able to visit a deaf school with 42 students where we showed the Jesus Film with a deaf interpreter.  The students better understood Jesus and His sacrificial death on the cross.”

Photo of Christy with students in one of the 15 Christian grade schools in Togo.