Being in prison in Senegal is not a good thing…

…but Sue Bisbee rejoices that she has been able to go to the women’s prison in Rufisque every week!  She has begun a study through the book of John with two ladies she has known and visited for a while.

The spiritual attacks on these ladies have been incredible!  It seems the whole prison is in an uproar.  But there have been some fantastic answers to prayer!  One of the ladies was having serious problems with the woman sleeping next to her (about 6 inches away).  She feared that she would do something drastic if this woman was not removed from her space. Days after praying about it, the woman was set free.

Everyone in the prison hears about the study and wants to know what they are studying.  Sue hopes to receive her papers to enter into the prison, not just the visiting room, to do a Bible study with all the women.