The inauguration of a new church is an exciting occasion! 

Working with a local pastor, Lonnie & Ruth Hodge are thrilled about the inauguration of their church on August 12, 2018 in Cochabamba, Bolivia.  The Hodges wrote, “On Saturday, we set up 52 chairs, not knowing what to expect.  By the time we had our greeting of one another, the church had filled up. One count was 72 adults and teens plus children. An unofficial count put us at just over 100.  People stayed around for 45 minutes just fellowshipping. They did not appear to want to leave. God exceeded all of our expectations!  We had a terrific day!  Our hearts are overwhelmed!”

The church had been praying for an adequate place to meet. God answered their prayer!  On Saturday, as they were preparing, a lady asked what was going on.  She was told that they were inaugurating a new church.  She replied that she lives across the street and that she would come.   True to her word, she came with her husband and their child.