The national Christian TV station of a European country…

…was doing a two hour program on the worth and dignity of people. A co-worker of FIM personnel has a younger brother with Down Syndrome and they were asked to appear on the program to talk about their relationship and his worth as a person. She shared how her brother has been a great blessing to their family and to their church. In that country 98% of the pregnancies of known Down Syndrome babies are aborted.

On the way home, her brother began weeping for joy over the fact that his parents had chosen not to abort him. He prayed out loud in the car for about 15-20 minutes, thanking the Lord for life, and interceded for his family. That was a precious moment!

When the host of the TV program learned that the FIM personnel member was transporting his guests, he asked him to also be a guest, discussing the book that the FIM member and his co-worker are writing on singleness. The co-worker is writing her story about being a 39-year-old single, while he is writing about the theological and counseling aspects of singleness. Many European singles feel they gain significance only when they move into a romantic relationship. What an opportunity to proclaim the message of the value of single people! That was clearly the hand of our sovereign God!