Unable to understand why a loving God would allow terrible things to happen–

as a teenager, “P” turned his back on his nominal Roman Catholic upbringing and became an atheist.  In college in 2016, “P” says he managed to “mess up his schooling and his future”.  He got kicked out of school and had to go live with his parents again.

Then there was a falling out with his girlfriend.  Thinking about how everything had been a failure, “P” climbed up on the edge of the balcony intending to jump to his death.  Looking down, he saw his parents, friends, and the future that he could have—what “P” now believes was God’s intervention.

Through the invitation of a friend, “P” began attending the church where Jerad & Wanda Mellette have a youth ministry.  As he met with Jerad and the pastor, “P” came to faith in Jesus Christ and was recently baptized!  God is still in the miracle-working business!